Dream and Vision


Administration Offices

Industrial-Educational Cooperation Office

  • Department of Industrial-Educational Cooperation
  • Department of Practice Management

Academic Affairs Office

  • Department of Academic Affairs
  • Department of Registrar
  • Department of Academic & Student Affairs for Evening Classes

Admission Office

  • Department of Admission

Student Affairs & Welfare Office

  • Department of Student Affairs & Welfare

General Administration Office

  • Department of General Administration
  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Administrative Affairs
  • Department of Facilities Management

International Affairs Office

Career Development Office

College Evaluation Office

College Planning Office

  • Department of College Planning

Supporting Services

  • College Library
  • Computer & Information Center
  • International Students Office
  • SSC Broadcasting Station
  • College Newspaper
  • Small-& Middle-Sized Company Supporting Center
  • Cooperation Center between the College and Small-& Middle-Sized Companies
  • SSC Reserved Forces Corps Office
  • Engineering Education Innovation Center
  • Disabled Students Supporting Center

Affiliated Research Centers

  • Student Life Research Center
  • Industry & Technology Research Center
  • Finance & Industry Research Center
  • Construction & Environment Research Center
  • Whaseung Area Development Research Center
  • E-Packaging Research Center

Affiliated Educational Institute

  • Continuing Education Center

Special Juridical Person

  • Research and Business Foundation