Dream and Vision


College Scholarships

College Scholarships
First Place Scholarship (Freshmen) Second Place Scholarship (Freshmen)
Ko Woon Scholarship Departmental First Place Scholarship (Freshmen)
Departmental Second Place Scholarship (Freshmen) Departmental First Place Scholarship
Outstanding Academic Achievement Scholarship Merit Service Scholarship
Journalism Scholarship Special Labor Service Scholarship
Labor Service Scholarship Scholarship for Children of College Staff
Welfare Scholarship Industry-supported Student's Special Scholarship
Support Scholarship Scholarship for Children of Staff in Educational Institutes
Outstanding Academic Achievement Scholarship for
Industry- supported Students
Merit Scholarship
Special Scholarship for International Students

Outside Scholarships

Outside Scholarships
Scholarship of Noongchonheemang(Rural Area & Hope) Foundation Scholarship of Moon-Sook Scholarship Foundation
Scholarship of Boonsol Kim Jonghan Scholarship Foundation Scholarship of Samwha Jibong Scholarship Foundation
Scholarship of Ah-san Social Welfare Foundation Scholarship of Wooduk Foundation
Korea Research Foundation Scholarship Scholarship of the Korean Scholarship Foundation for the Future Leaders
Scholarship of Hanwon Scholarship Society La Vie Dor (Co.) Scholarship
Korea University Alumni Association #37 Scholarship SSC Alumni Association Scholarship
Scholarship of Korea Equipment Corporations Association (Kyeongki Branch) Scholarship of Korea Equipment Corporations Association (Seoul Branch)
Korea Society of Dental Hygienists (Incheon & Kyeongki Branch) Shinhan Bank Scholarship
Jeju Bank Scholarship Scholarship of Retired Professor and Staff Society
Industrial-Educational Cooperation Scholarship Intercontinental Hotel Scholarship (Hanmoo Development Co.)
Scholarship of Korea Die Mold Industry Cooperative K.S. Trade Co. Scholarship
Scholarship of Icheon Namdong Fire Station Scholarship of Cheonan-Choongnam Fire Station
U-Tech. Co. Scholarship E & C Co. Scholarship
Scholarship of Hanshin Precision & Engineering Co. Scholarship of Join Enterprise Co.
Scholarship of Amorepacific Corporation Scholarship of Compass Media Publishing Co.
Scholarship of Namkeuk Refrigeration Co. Scholarship of Moksan Development Co.
Scholarship of Sebo MEC Co. Scholarship of Shinwoo IET Co.
Scholarship of I & I Design Co. Scholarship of Youngjoo Systems Co.
Scholarship of Oneul & Naeil Co. Scholarship of IeKang Tech. Co.
Scholarship of Interworld-Engineering Architects & Planners Co. Scholarship of NKR Systems Co.