Department of Air Travel and Tourism

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Aviation Tourism
Academic Divisions & Departments

Fostering service personnel with field skills

Department of Air Travel and Tourism aims to foster "air service professionals with international capabilities" who can enter various fields of air travel and tourism industry, fulfilling their duties with response to the rapidly changing society in the times. We are fostering creative and convergent talents, who can independently design a career path that suits them, by strengthening their own capabilities.

Career Opportunities

Flight Attendants of Domestic and International Airlines, Airline Ticket Agents (Reservation, Ticketing, Transportation), Hotel Service Workers, Tour Agency Workers, General Office Workers/Secretaries of Large Corporations

Certificate Programs
  • CRS (Computer Reservation System)
  • Domestic Tour Guide
  • Tourism Interpretation Guide
  • Hotel Guest Services Representative
  • SMAT (Service Management Ability Test)
  • Computer Specialist in Spreadsheet & Database
  • MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist)