Department of Electrial Technology

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Department of Electrial Technology

Training of competent electrical engineers who can install and operate electrical equipment

The department of Electrical Technology focuses on two sectors, namely (1) the electric apparatus sector that deals with product development and operation, and (2) the electrical installation industry that ensures a reliable electricity supply. Furthermore, the department continuously develops educational curriculums to help students adapt to evolving technologies. The department has a positive reputation that provides practical education by securing advanced laboratory materials and a whole host of opportunities through university-industry cooperation. Since the department was established in 1978, 3,000 students have graduated, working as competent technicians. Thanks to networking among graduates and students, the annual employment rate for students is 90% or above.

Career Opportunities

Electricity powers factories and enables people to engage in cultural activities. In that sense, graduates have a lot of career options and can work in a wide range of sectors including power generation, electrical power system operation & maintenance, factory electrical power system operation & design, electrochemical & electric railroad, electrical machinery & apparatus manufacturing, electrical design, factory automation and electrical installation industries.

Certificate Programs
  • Industrial Engineer Electricity
  • Industrial Engineer Electric Work
  • Industrial Engineer Fire Protection System
  • Industrial Engineer Railroad Signal Apparatus
  • Industrial Engineer Industrial Safety
  • Industrial Engineer Electric Apparatus