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Department of Nursing

Fostering designers who can actively cope with new lifestyle changes and perform convergent tasks

The department of Industrial Design offers convergence design education to help its students become graphic designers, product designers and digital designers. In order to respond to the rapidly changing future industries and job market, the department promotes design education that combines various majors and aims to train students to become professional designers with in-field expertise through practical theoretical education and on-the-job training such as color research, human engineering, two-dimensional (2D) computer graphics, three-dimensional (3D) computer graphics, editorial design, typography, product design, UX (user experience), video editing, advertisement design and small container design.

Career Opportunities
  • Graduates can choose to work in a wide range of careers
  • such as in sectors like graphic design
  • product design, advertisement design & other multimedia design
  • BI (brand identity) & CI (corporate identity) design
  • packaging design
  • small container design
  • household product design
  • web design
  • motion graphics
  • gear/power tool design
  • VMD (visual merchandising)
  • infographic
  • 2D CAD (two dimensional computer-aided design)
  • three-dimensional (3D) modelling