Department of Automobile Technology

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Department of Automobile Technology

Training technicians who can actively respond to technological changes

The department of Automobile Technology aims to prepare its students to become hard-working technicians who have a strong work ethic, a good sense of responsibility, a healthy mindset and solid practical knowledge to actively respond to technological and environmental changes in the automobile industry including in sectors such as automobile mechanics, inspection, insurance, automobile parts design, automobile tuning, eco-friendly future automobile design & mechanics.

Career Opportunities
  • Automobile Mechanics
  • Automobile Inspection
  • Automobile Tuning
  • Automobile Insurance (Damage Evaluation)
  • Automobile Inspection & Evaluation
  • Automobile Performance Testing
  • Automobile Parts Design
  • Automobile Parts Manufacturing
  • Automobile Assembly
  • Automobile Sales Work
  • Automobile Mould
  • Eco-friendly Future Automobile Design & Mechanics
  • General Machinery Manufacturing
Certificate Programs
  • Craftsman Motor Vehicles Maintenance
  • Craftsman Automobile Repair Painting
  • Craftsman Motor Vehicles Body Repair
  • Industrial Engineer Motor Vehicles Maintenance
  • Craftsman Computer-Aided Mechanical Drawing