Department of Interior Architecture Design

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Interior Architecture Design
Academic Divisions & Departments

Training of competent professionals in the field of interior architecture design with practical adaptability

The department of Interior Architecture Design offers various theoretical education and on-the-job training courses on Interior Design such as drawing, design, CAD (computer-aided design), three-dimension, graphic, material, lighting, furniture and construction to have students experience the process of planning, presenting and constructing that creates convenient, beautiful and pleasant interior spaces including residential, commercial, business and cultural spaces where human activity occurs. The department trains its student to become competent and professional interior architectural designers who possess a solid sense of creative design and practical digital technology skills through helping students enhance their ability to adapt to field settings. The operation of curriculum linked with course-based qualification enables students to acquire Industrial engineer interior architecture certification.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can work in various sectors of interior design such as interior design, interior construction, display, kitchen, furniture, lighting, material and architecture design, and become interior designers, interior field engineers, kitchen coordinators, material & furniture salespersons and design architect assistants. Moreover, after years of job experience, graduates may decide to start their own businesses.

Certificate Programs

Industrial Engineer Interior Architecture, Industrial Engineer Colorist, Craftsman Computer-Aided Architectural Drawing