Depatment of Medical Laboratory Science

The 1st Engineering Hall 3rd floor 031-350-2414
Depatment of Medical Laboratory Science

Training of clinical pathologists who contribute to accurate and rapid diagnostic outcomes

The department of Medical Laboratory Science is a future-oriented and advanced field of study that aims to train its students to become medical laboratory scientists who have clinical expertise and knowledge of disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis through systematic theoretical education and on-the-job training.

Career Opportunities
  • Diagnostic Laboratories & the Departments of Diagnostic Pathology & Physiological Function Laboratories of Medical Institutions (General Hospitals and University Hospitals)
  • Research Institutes of Hospitals
  • Research Institutes of Bioscience
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Public Health Civil Servants (Public Health Officers, Medical Technical Officers)
Certificate Programs
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist (National Licensing Examination)
  • International Cytotechnologist
  • ASCPi (The American Society for Clinical Pathology International)